“Chronic Pain Advocacy League(CPAL)” and “Chronic Pain Support Group(CPSG)” hold first combined organizational meeting.

The first meeting combining the efforts of CPAL and CPSG was held at the Mesquite branch of the Phoenix public library on Saturday, June 10, 2018. There were eight people at the first organizational meeting. The meeting was chaired by Lorraine Reeves who is the current head of the CPAL which recently moved from Louisiana to Phoenix. The meeting covered a wide range of topics, focused on the structure of upcoming meetings, how the group will be organized, meeting locations, PR for the group, possible sources of grant money and what might be involved in the online presence of the group. Lorraine gave a description of how CPAL worked in Louisiana. Shelly Perez, who is currently organizing CPSG on the Meetup.com website and Jennifer Laman who is working on the FaceBook page for CPSG were also in attendance. Tim Anderson discussed what he has done so far to set up “PhoenixChronicPain.org” (a WordPress site) for the group and the digital survey that was sent out to everyone who signed up on Meetup.com for the CPSG.

The next meeting is tentatively been set for Saturday, June 24 at 2:00PM at the Mesquite library branch. We hope to see everyone who has an interest in chronic pain at the next meeting. If you have any questions about the next meeting you can email Lorraine at chronicpainadvocacyleague@gmail.com or call her at 623-249-4255.

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